Synthesis Consulting Ltd.

Who we are

Synthesis Consultancy is a business advising company, that offers the enterprises a wide range of services a at a high level supplemented, from the facilitated finance, to management control, from the strategic planning, to the vocational training on demand, from venture capital to market research in Italy and foreign countries, advising for import/export and localizing enterprises in developed industrial areas. Our main objectives is to support and to stand side by side the enterprises throughout it’s development, suppling qualified and professional assistance, to find: the adequate source of financing for an investment project; to determine the estimate for the economic returns and feasibility; to stimulate the participation of financial partners (company’s or institutional operaters) choosing suppliers or to develope contacts with the clients, re-examine the production process, to implement control systems for management and budgeting, re-design the distribution net, determinating the oppurtunities to enter in a new segment of the market, determinating the positioning in compliance with the competitors, re-examinating the strategic position of the businesses etc.

Our Values 

Synthesis Consulting believes that their success is based on achievements of their goals and in growth and development on behalf of their clients. Our emoluments are tied up on the achievements of successful conclusive projects. The Company works side by side with the enterpise, therefore, sharing risks and as well as success, it is a winning philosophy principal which stands out, because it does not subject the enterprises to “surprise” disbursements and costs, but stimulates a collaboration between enterprise and consultant which establishes a bond between the two together which will last in the future.
Furthermore once the projects have been reached the company believes in the continuous assistance, therefore, accompanies the entrepreneur even after in the difficult phases of statement of accounts and the controll the bussiness.
The enterprise therefore, has the security and peace-of-mind to have an ever-present partner capable to give to provide solutions to challenges as they arise and as well as sharing risks.

Our collaborators

Synthsis Consulting is supported by the activity carried out from asserted professionals, all graduated and with years of experience on their background, stands out as a dynamic business which span areas such as: a business advising field, a fiscal and company advising, from the banking and financial field advising and advising the local authorities, which have intentionaly put together their own experiences and competences for the outsets of a new reality. A consultant company capalble to find solutions for the enterprises, generating to a more and more dynamic market. The diversity and the complementariness our experiences are the most important points of strenght of our exploit which allows us to offer our clients a wide range of services.

Our customers

Our clients come from all walks of life and do not necessarily fall into a specific category (sectorial; territorial; proportional) although they share tension, growth, and innovation, which represents fondamental values to make a success of any business. They are, often small dimensional or start-up enterprises but with large entrepreneurial capablities, willing to carry out important decisions in order to undertake with determination their way of development. Synthesis Consulting has a wide and diversified experience and is therefore in a position to find the most adequate solutions for every type of business. 

Our services 

Facilitated Finance

Evaluation projections of investment; preparation of Business Plan and to submit application to obtain in compliance with the following laws and instruments: 

a) L488/92 (manifacturing fields, mining, building, services, trading and tourism) 
b) L95/95 ( juvenile entrepreneurs ) 
c) L215/92(femine entrepreneurs)
d) area contracts 
e) territorial pacts 
f) total subsidy 
g) agenda 2000 

The above stated endless list is only an indication, obviously, for the existing concession range granted by the European Community’s, national and regional level of requirements. They come, however, all examined at head office during the encounter with the entrepreneurs in order to determine the most adequate requirements for them and for the characteristics of the investment.

Ordinary and special credits

Our Company takes care to submit the necessary bank requests in order to obtain a facility ordinary or special credit rating, submitting one’s own experience in disposition in order obtain the best structure for a financial plan related for the requirements of the enterprise. This guarantee’s a financial equilibrium or specific for certain transactions (i.e. Sabatini law, artisan financings, leasing, operations ) 

Management control

Implementation of analytical accounting methods ensure the access punctual and accurate forecast and for: income and expenses, marginal profit of a product, the procedure of a business, a business area. Such surveys are useful for: the estimation for a profitable business, or if necessary to modify the portfolio of the products, their pricing structure or if necessary to establish the productivity processing measures in certain phases. Moreover, we supply the necessary data base in order to measure budget variance on targets, even itemizing details of products, processing and functionality. The Company takes care to supply a turn-key, implemention industrial accounting system, budgeting, and supporting the entrepreneur explaning them the results of the business. The service is catered for the enterprise as well as for the local authorities.

Preliminary investigation trusts and credit analysis 

The service is catered for banks with an evaluation of the proposed enterprise within the parameters demanded by them, based on the classification,by means of growth idex and cash flow, balance sheet, their evaluation on the financial exposition during the procedure of: launching the enterprise; specific economically related measures are applied relating to the market, company and personal property etc. The investigation ends with a technical report requested by the credit institution, with the allocated rate. Credit analysis are derived from sofisticated instruments( calulations and tables) yet easily interpreted by the user.

Vocational Training Courses

Vocational Training courses are aimed mainly for the enterprises or local authorties employees which can be on request (i.e. the contents, the targets aimed, period of time for the course which is established by the client, alternatively the enterprise takes care of preparing a good training programme according to the indications received). Training is achieved by means of on- line instruction using multimedia methods to substitute the lecturer/ instructor) and also by means of catalogues. With reference to the latter, in favour of, they receive a certified attendances in a certain field: eg. 
a) management control 
b) strategic planning and budget 
c) management of the human resources 
d) financial analysis 
e) business finance 
f) fundamental and technical analysis of stock
g) marketing 

Strategic market researches and analyses

The company carries research and analysis effected through direct participations during an interview or questionnaire, as well as through the use of data banks, which have the following aims:
a) to determine the opportunity to enter in one new territorial area, to launch a new product, to use a new distribution channel 
b) to determine the competitive positioning, strong and weak points of the rivals and the eventual intervention to introduce changes
c) to determine the strategic positioning of coherency for the enterprise

Venture capital and of extraordinary finance rivals

The Company makes use of international partner, to assist in providing quotation for the enterprise and then searching of private backers. This service applies to small and averages enterprises that approach a new market star, to participate a joint venture or a joint capital transaction with an income of a specialized fund attracting private, national and international investors.



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